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Camping Vliegenbos


As from today you can sleep in a real La Bolleur cabin! Don’t hesitate, because this is the new hotspot of Camping Vliegenbos.

Brouwerij Troost


Brouwerij Troost opens their doors the 6th of march. Brouwerij Troost is more than a brewery, go by for their delicious Burgers! Interior, exterior and webdesign by La Bolleur.

Biodesign at Het Nieuwe Instituut


For this exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut, curator William Myers has selected dozens of projects that illustrate new ways to harness living systems for art, design and production. Biodesign: On the Cross-Pollination of Nature, Science and Creativity will run from 27 September 2013 through 26 January 2014.

Dutch Design Awards


On the 19th of october we will host the Dutch Design Awards. Expect a dynamic show, where every element,
even the new award, is designed by La Bolleur itself. The award show is presented by Bram Burger and Rufus Ketting.


The Official Party

La Bolleur and Nul Zes join forces to host the annual Official Party during Dutch Design Week.
Eindhoven, let’s go loco for this one!

Frontenpark Safari


While developing the frontenpark there have been amazing discoveries of new species. La Bolleur presents three extraordinary creatures, that haven’t been spotted by man before. From a distance they are safe to approach. Please don’t feed.


Sālsmaize at RTU International Summer School


During the international summer school, organized annually by Riga Technical University (RTU), a group of international students created a successful gathering for the town of Cēsis in Latvia. Under supervision of Dutch design collective La Bolleur, the participants had two weeks to design all the aspects of an actual event – including a campaign, invitations, furniture and food.

Galaxy Glorix


For Reform: A Unilever Exhibition we created a drawing machine with their brand Glorix.
By influencing the movement of the bottle you will shape the drawing produced.

Hi Plug&Play


The Plug&Play festivalstand, designed by La Bolleur for Hi, can be visited this summer at Pinkpop, Solar and Lowlands.






For Beelddragers we created the piece: ‘untitled (composition in red)’. They wrote a nice story about it.